Over the past few decades, our society has undergone radical transformation. The globalization has brought many changes in the Indian culture. The disintegration of the joint family system is one such change. The new generation of adults is generally preoccupied with their careers, which is usually far away from their parents. Consequently, many senior citizens have been isolated in their homes, who are unable to properly cater for themselves. This day to day struggle of senior citizens has been the basic guiding factor for creating Pushpanjali -- An alternate home for elders, in the heart of Jaipur.


“Pushpanjali” – A Sweet Home for the Senior Citizen. Like nursery children, senior citizens at Pushpanjali can enjoy the company of the people of the same age group, instead of spending time in isolated modern sky-rise flats with no contact with general people of the outside world or their family.

Oldage is the most Unexpected of all the things
that can happen.


Another block in the campus has been built for Orphans and Destitute children who are over the age of 6 years. With 120 beds, this block has a separate kitchen, dining room and common room. The occupants will be provided free boarding, lodging and medical treatment free public school education will also be provided in the adjoining Jaipuria Vidyalaya.

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